Marla Fields

タイトル:On the Ledge.
技法:Mixed Media

コンセプト:My art is about history. It comes from a spiritual place within. Layer upon layer, building up and tearing down: eventually the right equation that translates the visceral. My work is a narrative movement of shapes and colors with the hope that it engages the viewer in their own respective journey of life. Using paint, threads, recycled work, I build my surface and create my environment. Combining quirky shapes and creating texture is part of the rhythm of my work. Mostly I don’t know at first what the message is, it comes with time, a little bit of torture, intense thought and hopefully a release from the cerebral with the focus on core emotions. This body of work is about movement and the freedom of choice and change. It is highly charged with heightened feelings, even when the colors are subdued, passion is present and inner strength is steadfast.

Mali:[email protected]

BA California State University, Northridge
MA California State University, Northridge

Solo Exhibitions
2008 La Artcore Center, Los Angeles, California
2004 The Gallery Wall, Santa Monica Unitarian Church
1998 Orlando Gallery, Tarzana, CA
1996 Orlando Gallery, Tarzana, CA

International Exhibitions

October 2012 Gang Dong Art Center, Seoul Korea
September 2012, Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan
May 2011 Seoul Open Art Fair, Korea. May June Berk Gallery, Korea
August 2010 International Exchange Show with Fukuoka and US
April 2010 International Show with Thailand, La Artcore
February 2010 International Art Exchange, Thailand-USA Chiang Mai and Bangkok
February 2010 International Art Festival Workshop, Chiang Rai
August 2009 Craft Story, South Korea
July 2009 Miniature Show Ansei Gallery, Fukuoka, Japan
April 2009 J Creator’s Ark Gallery, Munakata, Japan
September 2009 Asian Museum, Fukuoka, Japan
September 2009 Tokunga Gallery, Fukuoka, Japan
April 2008 La Artcore, Thailand –International Exchange Show
January 2008 Thailand Cultural Center, Bangkok, Thailand
January 2008 Burapha Art Museum, Chonburi, Thailand
January 2008 Songkhla Municipality, Southern Thailand
September 2004 Womens International Art show, Seoul, Korea, Seoul Cultural Center

Recent Group Exhibitions

March 2013, 516 Arts, Flatlanders and Surface Dwellers, Albuquerque, NM
April, 2012, Coohaus Gallery, Chelsea, New York
November 2011, Artcore Brewery Annex, Los Angeles, California
September 2010 Rheeway Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
February 2007 Bakersfield College
December 2005 Orlando Gallery, Opus 4 Los Angeles, California
December 2004 Brewery Artcore Annex Los Angeles, California
July 2003 Brewery Artcore Annex Los Angeles, California
June 2001 LACMA Exhibition “VII” Art Rental and Sales Gallery – Los Angeles, Calif
May 2000 Orlando Gallery, “Ginos Girls” Los Angeles, California

Board of Directors LA Artcore, Los Angeles, California

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